Standard Printing – Plastisol Inks

Our standard screen printing is done using traditional Eco Friendly plastisol inks. At Upstate Merch, our standard prints are printed exclusively using phthalate free plastisol inks. These inks are manufactured to be the safest plastisol inks on the market. We use only the highest quality inks available, and our prints feel great with a long lasting durability. Standard plastisol inks are used for many print processes as well.

Unless specified this is the standard style printing. Standard print size is up to 12.5” X 16”. Oversized print size is up to 15″ X 20″ with additional fee.

Turnaround is generally 10-15 business days.

Over-sized & Jumbo Printing

If you are looking to have your design take up the majority of the shirt, this printing style is for you. Oversized printing max is generally 15” x 20″ depending on the shirt brand and size. Print size is based on your smallest garment size. Please keep in mind, Screens do not change, just the size of the garment does.

Turnaround is generally 10-15 business days.

Distressed “Vintage” Printing

Do you want your shirt to look and feel like its been worn since the 80’s? Then Vintage printing is what you are looking for. You can send us your art already looking weathered and distressed, or we can do it for you. There is no extra cost for this style. There are a few different ways to go about achieving this look. We can discuss with you on how to make this happen.

Turnaround is generally 10-15 business days.

4-Color Process Printing (Light Shirts)

Four color process prints are the perfect way to capture full color image on white or natural shirts. By using translucent Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks, we are able to reproduce full color images by blending different percentages of halftone dots together to get a full range of colors. This printing method is not ideal on dark apparel using an underbase, but it is doable depending on the artwork.

Turnaround is generally 10-15 business days.

Simulated Process Printing

Simulated Process is what you will want to use when you have a full color design on a dark garment. Prints are achieved by blending higher opacity inks to give the look of a full color print using any number of inks needed. This print process can be used on any color garment, but requires a lot of skill in artwork separation. We pride ourselves in our separation techniques and attention to detail. Every design is different so its best that you show your sales rep the artwork and they can tell you the best way to print it. Due to the difficulty involved there may be a one time setup fee to get your artwork ready for print.

Turnaround is generally 15 business days.

Discharge Printing

Discharge printing is the process of bleaching the dye out of the shirt leaving its natural color showing through (usually a light creme/natural color). When discharging colors, results may vary depending on shirt color & brand. You must wash the shirts before they take their “no feel” state.

Turnaround is generally 10-15 business days.

Looking for something else?

If you did not see a style of printing you need, send us an email and we can make sure to help you – even if we do not print it, we can refer you to one of our partners.