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Taggin Trains

We have train tracks right behind our shop. Got a slow moving train to go by so we figured we would throw a sticker or two on it.

Upstate Merch Sponsors: CourtKnee Shove

We do a lot of printing for Roller Derby teams, but we really wanted to sponsor a local skater. Lynzi Alden aka “CourtKnee Shove” was a our top pic.

Skater Name: CourtKnee Shove
Number: 426
League: Crown City Rollerz
Team: Royal Pains
Playing Position: Jammer and Blocker
Bio:  A reckless spirit who causes rink riots with her ruthless speed and thrashing demeanor. Her trashy makeup and ripped fish nets may leave you speechless but her baby doll good looks will give you something to talk about. This rebel will skate her opponents into a dark hole of obliteration. CourtKnee may steal your heart but don’t let her age and size underestimate you, this girl will take you from skater to car crash in a second.
CourtKnee Shove was awarded the 2011 triple treat of the season.
Skating sinse 2010. Original member of the Crown City Rollerz
Quote: “I found my inner bitch and ran with her” -Courtney Love 

Make sure you make it out to see CourtKnee Shove at one of her bouts. She will be destroying and making us proud!

Lookin’ for love in Alderaan places

Go buy this awesome tee we just recently printed from our good friend Alan Ashcraft. Do it Here: BUY SHIRT

Tee Gazette’s Printing Spotlight: Upstate Merch

The Tee Gazette wrote a Spotlight Article on us a few weeks back. “They’ve got a great site, everything is laid out nicely and things are super easy to find. Looking to get some printing done? Get on over there and check out what they’ve got to offer.

From oversized printing to vintage style printing, they’ve got you covered.”

Found This Jem

I uploaded some videos that were saved on my IPhone, and this was one of them. When first got our new building we had a lot of construction to do. This is what we did on breaks. We made a time trials race track for the circus bike.

Artist to watch: Stray From The Path

Stray From The Path are going to take over the world very soon. We have gone out to a lot of Stray shows to bring them their tour merch, and it’s always a pleasure to see these dudes tear it up. More and more kids are making it out to see these guys, and you should too! Go buy their new album Here.





Artist to watch: Icon For Hire

Icon For Hire are some of the nicest, most appreciative customers I have ever worked with. They are awesome people, and amazing musicians. Be sure to check them out!





Artist to watch: Major League

Be sure to check out our friends in Major League.




Love For The Ladies 2012

Its that time of year again were we print the Love For The Ladies tees. Please take some time to check out this cause: Love For The Ladies

Mortal Kombat

A customer of ours sent us this artwork for a job they needed printed, and I sent them back a revision of what I thought it should look like.