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We lied..

So, we lied.. We haven’t kept up with the blog as promised. So many new things have happened over the past year and we want to share them with you! So we are back and will be posting weekly on past, present and future happenings.

Until then, here’s a newer Whats On Press.


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Lots of New Happening..

Sorry for the long delay between posts. We have just been so busy here at Upstate that we have not had time to work on posts. We have recently purchased some new automatics, and some top of the line equipment to offer you some of the best printing quality around. We also have a revamped website and services. We will be posting here more often, I promise. If you dont already, please follow us on Instagram. We post to that daily with current prints, shop stuff, and special offers. Follow @UpstateDylan or @UpstateMerch.

new stuff

Whats on Press: 6 Color for Contacts & Confidence.

Justin Manual

Upstate Merch now offeres Fulfillment Services!

We have been playing around with the idea of creating a new website that caters to our customers fulfillment needs and after months of designing and putting it together it is finally here. offers a storefront for the bands that are on the road, or too busy to handle merch sales on their own. Why not sell your merch online and get sales 24/7 instead of just at shows. You would order your merch like normal. You then decide what you would like to keep with us, and what you would like sent to you. We then create an online store for you. We make a banner with whatever images you choose, and setup all the items in your store with our realistic looking mockups. Your sales will be totaled up each week, and you will be sent a PayPal payment for your owed amount. The awesome part is you dont have to do much of anything. We handle all of the inventory, designing and setting up the store, shipping, and customer service. You just collect the money once a week. Contact us at if this is something you are interested in.




Upstate Merch Sponsors Forks Football

Creme de la Kremenec

Justin is one of our Top Notch printers here at Upstate. With the addition of his Hulkamania headband he is unstoppable!

Another video from ManBoobsComedy wearing our Upstate Tee.

What It Feels Like To Be A Freelancer

Manboobs Comedy wears some Upstate Merch gear.

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