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Suns Out, Guns Out — Tank Tops at Upstate Merch

Hey All!

It’s almost August and there is still so much summer to experience. To us, that means long hot days in the shop — that’s okay because we’ll be making you cool. Summer means tank tops, tank tops and more tank tops – from Gildan to American Apparel, we print it all. We love to see pictures of you guys wearing the things we print, tag us or tweet us pics of you in your gear!

The hot weather isn’t over, you’ve still got time to get tanks or tees of your own. Shoot us an email TODAY to — We look forward to making your designs come to life.

PicMonkey Collage

L-R Boundary Stone, Empowered Threads, Empowered Threads, Under Fire and Empowered Threads.

We do a ton of tanks for Empowered Threads, check them out on Instagram @EmpoweredThreads or on the Empowered Threads website.

Check out our Instagram for the latest!


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— Upstate Crew

Icon for Hire Tour Merch

Hey Guys!

If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram (If you don’t, then you’re missing out!) then you know that we do a ton of screen printing for Icon For Hire. Currently they are traveling the country on Warped Tour and doing things a little differently than they have in the past. They recently have parted ways with their label and are making music on their terms for the people that matter most to them — their fans.

PicMonkey Collage

If you see them on Warped Tour, be sure to stop by and grab a t-shirt or tank. Support this awesome band, they’ve got a great message and they love their fans.

We’ll be printing up even more for them in the next few days — be sure to check out our Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @UpstateMerch for more.

In the meantime check out our YouTube channel, we posted a quick Whats On Press: Icon for Hire video a few weeks ago.

Music: Icon for Hire – Now You Know


— Upstate Merch Crew

Live Screen Printing at Saranac Brewery in Utica, NY


Earlier this month we did some live screen printing for the Craft New York Brewers ROOTS Festival at Saranac Brewery in Utica, NY. It’s always a great time with the New York State Brewers Association and the venue was awesome, one of the best we’ve ever been to. If you’ve never been to Saranac Brewery, we highly recommend it, especially if you are a lover of craft beer or in our case craft soda! Its absolutely beautiful and the staff is very welcoming. We hope to go back very soon — maybe for one of their famous Saranac Thursdays!

Every time we print on site, people are always really interested in the process and love the fact they get to see their t-shirt get made right in front of them. Our Summer and Fall schedules are filling up fast for Live Events, we’d love to print for you at YOUR event.

Contact us today for more information!


Tote Bag Screen Printing – Shop Handmade.

Tote bags are a great for any event, but hand screen printing some tote bags for a hand made event is pretty awesome.

Tote Design by Lindsay Gilligan.

handmade1 handmade2

Dirty Girl Mud Run Season

Its that time of year. The Dirty Girl Mud Run and Tough Mudders are coming! We can do custom team shirts for you. Email ( or call (607.222.0668) for details.




Whats On Press: Townsquare Media Binghamton

Check out the tees we printed up for our friends over at Townsquare Media Binghamton!


Trying something new for a customer in need.

So I genuinely want to help out every customer who comes our way. One customer came to us and said that they would like to get some full size beach towels for their beach wedding. They wanted 100 White towels with a large print down the middle. We did not normally print towels, let alone a towel this size. So I told the customer that I was willing to give it a shot. Explained that this is not in the norm for us, but I was willing to help them out.

1 beach

The tricky part was fitting this on a screen printing pallet. I decided that would not work, and that I needed to improvise. I then setup some screen clams on one of our tables. I had to print the top half first. Run them through the dryer, then flip them and print the other half. The top half was “Yes We Finally” and the bottom half was everything else.

2 beach

Once the prints were all done, the fun part began of folding 100 towels. I tell my wife that I dont know how to fold, just to get out of folding laundry at home, but I was put to the test here.

3 beach

100 towels folded and ready to ship. The customer was super happy with them, loved the fact that we went the extra mile and tried something new just to help them out. Here are a few pictures they sent me of the towels in action on the beach.

4 beach


Whats On Press: 6 Color Print for Owleye

We lied..

So, we lied.. We haven’t kept up with the blog as promised. So many new things have happened over the past year and we want to share them with you! So we are back and will be posting weekly on past, present and future happenings.

Until then, here’s a newer Whats On Press.


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Lots of New Happening..

Sorry for the long delay between posts. We have just been so busy here at Upstate that we have not had time to work on posts. We have recently purchased some new automatics, and some top of the line equipment to offer you some of the best printing quality around. We also have a revamped website and services. We will be posting here more often, I promise. If you dont already, please follow us on Instagram. We post to that daily with current prints, shop stuff, and special offers. Follow @UpstateDylan or @UpstateMerch.

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